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Judy Ross Totem Cream | Celery | Spring Green | Yellow



Hand embroidered by our artisans, these pillows use the finest, hand-dyed New Zealand wool, with a cotton canvas overlay backing and a 5/95 down/feather insert.


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Totem cream:celery:spring green:yellow.jpeg

Additional Info

The Judy Ross pillow collection pairs centuries-old chain stitch techniques with contemporary design. Each piece is meticulously embroidered by hand using the finest 3-ply New Zealand wool. The wool is hand dyed, adding depth and nuance to the color. Master artisans embroider fields of small, dense stitches that give the designs movement and texture. Some pillow styles incorporate rayon yarn used to impart lustrous highlights throughout. Judy Ross's pillows offer durability and a unique artistic sensibility valued and collected by a loyal clientele.